Rafting and hiking in a rainy July


To not go completely crazy, one has to improvise some 'alternative activities' - not related to climbing. As if that's possible!


When raining from upwards, a little more water from downwards can't hurt (rafting in Ftan). Playing hide and seek with Christian and Judith in the Wettersteingebirge. Does anybody see Christian in the image? Crossing the three summits of Partenkirchener Dreitorspitze (2633m). Maximum difficulty is II...









...often just exposed walking. The eastern summit Christian, Georg, Judith on the eastern summit of the Dreitorspitzen. After descending the Dreitorspitzen, one final visit to the quite sunny Öfelekopf (2469m).









Starting with solid rock... ...a lot of rubble in between... ...and ending again with solid rock. Georg and Judith on the Öfelekopf together with a panoramic surrounding view.