Juli 2011 - Olperer Überschreitung


Objective : Olperer Überschreitung (N->SO), 3476m
Team : Vanessa, Georg


As appropriate for this summer, we reach the Olpererhütte in finest weather - even the goats are seeking shelter. Next morning - can this really be a sunny day? Leaving the dog guarding the entrance, such that we can start alone. Approaching the Olperer Nordgrat via a hiking trail and a boring glacier.









Skilifts in the background and massive crevices to overcome in the foreground. Time leap - Vanessa on the Olperer north ridge. The only waiting time today - 5 minutes at the so called crux. And after 1h of easy climbing...









...the summit of the Olperer. Descending via the SO-Grat (south east ridge) Vanessa Many of these mega-bolts are drilled into both ridges - Friends & Co are nearly not needed at all.









A small via ferrata at the bottom of the SO-Grat... ...and a small firn field. Thank god that we don't like sunny summits! The aforementioned skiing area - still used on that day. Perverts!









A heroic climber statue on the way down. A long and cumbersome way back to the Olpererhütte. After chugging the mandatory Radler and Kaiserschmarrn, down again... ...to the waiting car.