Juli 2011 - Wilder Kaiser, Via Classica


Objective : Fleischbank, Via Classica (600m, V)
Team : Vanessa, Georg
- As it also happened to another party in the route - do not climb upwards left in the second pitch (another route), but traverse to the right.
- From the exit of the route to the summit, it's still 250Hm to go.
- Descending from the summit is not done in 2.5h as mentioned by the Topo - better plan with 4h.


Business as usual - passing the Totenkirchl on the way to the Wildangerwand George in pitch number 3 Vanessa... ...and the Wildangerwand from above









Meanwhile pitch number 4... ...and the view from the first grass terrace to the Stripsenjochhaus Pitch number 9... ...and the great, great chimney









Vanessa approaching the chimney Slightly too big to sprawl out ;) Vanessa in pitch number 11 likewise









After two last pitches from the second terrace, exiting at the top of the route. Still 250Hm to the summit! After the summit, climbing downwards The summit of the Fleischbank (left) and Christaturm (right) seen from the descend









Further descending to the abseiling path... ...into the Ellmauer Tor. Last abseiling pitch (50m) into Ellmauer Tor. Vanessa, happy after finally reaching easy terrain.