August 2011 - Grosser Moeseler


Objective : Grosser Möseler, 3480m
Team : Judith, Manu, Tobi, Georg

06:30 Aufbruch Furtschaglhaus
10:30 Gipfel Grosser Möseler
14:00 zurück am Furtschaglhaus


Nice, the road is closed due to snowfall Means some extra work today At least the weather is at its best The 'Schlegeisstausee' in August









Snowcows The Olperer seen from the south Approaching the Furtschaglhaus Mission 'Grosser Moeseler' - mountain of the mountains, king of the Alps!









Judith on the small glacier preceding the rocky part After the glacier... ...into the (frozen) gully. Due to its loose consistency, ...









... do (normally) NOT take the gully (unless frozen). Better to use the direct line over the rocks 100m before the gully. ... ... ...









Reaching the upper plateau with the summit just some minutes away. Final steps to the summit. Nice view by the way! Last meters of Tobi and Judith









And already descending - seems we forgot a summit picture :) Lonesome George - he smells and therefore a safety distance of 50m was deemed necessary! Wait... we had this view just a few pictures ago? Descent...





 roughly grade II ... Back on the small glacier ...









The 'Grosser Moeseler' with the normal ascent and the northface left of it. The Furtschaglhaus again Judith George, Manu and his beer freezer









Back to the 'Schlegeisstausee' ... ... and waiting for the bus. Getting in pose with a Dacia!