August 2011 - Zsigmondyspitze


Objective : Zsigmondyspitze, 3087m
Team : Vanessa, Georg


Visiting the Berliner Hütte for an evening beer (and staying in the more calm 'Gasthaus Alpenrose' 30min below) Holy moly... what a hut! Basically its not even a hut - it's the mother of all huts! Next day: Approaching the base of the Zsigmondyspitze in a picknicking way, using 3-4 advanced base camps And directly jumping to the small summit (Vanessa & George + the backsides of 3 other guys)









Descending is as trivial as the ascending (we chose one length of rapelling) The Zsigmondyspitze - can be done solo in under 30minutes and even with most extensive belaying won't take longer than 2h Vanessa and the Zillertaler Alps Silhouette of the Zsigmondyspitze and roughly the way to go (easy to find)









And again passing the Berliner Hütte on the way down