September 2011 - Ende Nie - Die Route die nie endet


Objective : Die Route die nie endet -> Ende Nie, 6+, 900Hm
Team : Christian, Georg

05:00 Aufbruch Parkplatz Forststrasse
07:00 Einstieg Ende Nie
16:30 Gipfel + Pause
18:30 Schmidt-Zabierow-Hütte
21:30 zurück am Parkplatz Forststrasse


Roughly 05:00 in the morning, we are poking (sometimes swimming) through the fog and searching for our piece of work for today. Even if the route (for Topo see here) has no end by definition, the fog has! And there it is... ...let the show begin!









Goodbye nasty fog... ...Hello limestone. One of many pitches (okay... it's pitch No.9) Fog...





 fog! Awesome. Even fog-tastic! Christian in... one of the pitches :) Anyway, who remembers all the pitches? But should be pitch No.26 (after the small cave) The approach seen from above - we had quite some foggy trouble. Directly after the forest go uphill left - even if you don't see the hunters' hut (arrow).









First direct hits by photons this day - the head wall containing pitch 32-38 Nice and cozy belays up here! Christian... pitch No.37. Seems the route does have an end after all.









Descending to... ...the Schmidt-Zabierow-Hütte (marked by my flashlight) for two beers. Nice: All people, who actually discovered that the route has an end, are entitled for a free Weissbier! Good to know! Maybe one can do it twice a day? :)