September 2011 - Grossvenediger Nordgrat


Objective : Grossvenediger Nordgrat, 3666m
Team : Diana, Tobi, Georg

Aufstieg zur Kürsinger Hütte mit 'Taxi': 0.5h Fahrt + 1.5h

05:30 Aufbruch Kürsinger Hütte
13:00 Gipfel Grossvenediger
14:00 Abstieg
15:30 zurück an Kürsinger Hütte
17:00 zurück an Materialseilbahn Talstation


Taking a 'taxi' (see link) from the last parking space, we (this time) save about 3.5 boring hours getting to the Kürsinger Hütte. Small neighbor of the 'Grossvenediger': the 'Grosser Geiger' Next morning - Apocalypse Now Followed by a faster-than-light speed ascent...









...until the crevasses delay us to normal speed again. Diana returning from 'down below'. Quite nice approach... ...including some rests in covering position to not give our position away.









Because we have a mission to accomplish - we aren't here for fun! Reaching the rocky part of the north ridge Georg (dressed in anti-camouflage), looking for the enemy. Our piece of work for today: Grossvenediger Nordgrat









Diana and Georg The first part is the most ugly one of today - traversing in very loose rock. After that (reaching the first wind gap) the rock gets increasingly more solid. ...









At the 2nd wind gap, final ascending. View back to the 2nd gap Enemy spotted. ...









Mission continuates Almost there By the power of... Grayskull! The crux of the whole north ridge - a 3+ just below the summit









Tobi's shadow making pictures. Diana in the last meters, yards, feet, whatever... Finally... ...we can make a mess of the summit!









Probably one the worst summit pictures ever ;) Descending via the normal route. Discipline slackens once the mission is fulfilled. The upper third of the Grossvenediger Nordgrat.









Back on easy ground. And back at the Kürsinger Hütte. The whole Grossvenediger Nordgrat as seen from the hut. And again, we save many hours by taking the hut-taxi.