Griessferner Nordwand 05/2014


Objective : Griessferner Nordwand
Team : Michael, Georg
Date : 30.05.2014


05:30 Aufbruch am Guenther Messner Biwak
09:30 Gipfel
13:30 zurueck am Auto

- Abstieg


The gentle reader might have noticed: I somehow like this crappy weather ;) Approaching the Guenther-Messner Biwak Next morning: Approaching the Griessferner north face (glacier) The snow is uncomfortably deep, but the climbing ultra easy Michael in the upper basin...









...before traversing to the right onto the final summit ridge. Arghh.. digging kneedeep trenches again But finally the snow gets less deep and we even see the summit for a moment. Michael enjoying the beautiful 360° mountain view of pure 0xFFFFFF









Descending to the Weisskarferner Instead of descending via the hillside trail (too much snow?), we rather do the trail down the valley Which (in non-skiable condition) looks like that And for everyone who hasnt been here before, follow the arrow! The constriction ends in a waterfall / cliff.









The downside of this descent is an additional ascent of 150Hm... ...before walking down to the car on easy terrain / trails.