Piz Cambrena Eisnase + Piz d'Arlas Überschreitung - 06/2014


Objective : Piz Cambrena, Eisnase, AD
Team : Tilman, Georg
Date : 20.06.2014


03:30 Aufbruch am Zelt nahe Diavolezza Huette
04:30 Fuss Cambrena
06:30 Gipfel Piz Cambrena (dann Piz d'Arlas Ueberschreitung)
10:30 Diavolezza Huette
11:00 zurueck am Auto


Piz Cambrena with obvious route Basecamp deluxe Nighttime approach Tilman somewhere on Piz Cambrena north ridge









First snow ridge Small moments of hope Longer moments of zero sight Finally..









..there will be light! Georg 20m below the summit Tilman approaching the summit at 06:30 after the too short route (3h from tent/hut to summit despite knee-deep snow without tracks) Therefore we descended via the Piz d'Arlas traverse, to get some more climbing fun









1x 20m abseiling Piz d'Arlas traverse Always easy terrain (grade I-II) Piz d'Arlas traverse









After the traverse, looking back to Piz Cambrena (northridge / Eisnase) Closer look at the route - 3 ascending people can be seen in the upmost snow part Back to the tent - there's still some driving to the Vertainspitze planned for today One last look back at the cloudy Piz Palue with it's 3 pillars (from left to right: Ostpfeiler, Bumillerpfeiler, Spinaspfeiler)